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bella union


Released: 13th Nov 2015


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limited white lp + download

Released: 13th Nov 2015


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Immense, devastating and cinematic, the Newcastle based band move seamlessly from airy, chiming beauty to dense, forbidding soundscapes - sometimes in the same song.

These sweeping pieces are their most compelling yet. Vocalist Hazel Wilde says of the record. “At its darkest points, we wanted it to feel like you’d dived into the deepest part our dreams and were taking a look around. At its lightest we wanted it to feel like you were coming up for air.” They have achieved exactly this as ‘Beings’ equally overwhelms and uplifts with its symphonic majesty. The horizons open to Lanterns on the Lake are now as broad as the sweep of these beautiful songs. it's like the perfect meeting point between daughter's dark yet ethereal grandeur and sigur ros' vivid atmospheres. 




  1. Of Dust & Matter
  2. I'll Stall Them
  3. Faultlines
  4. The Crawl
  5. Send Me Home
  6. Through the Cellar Door
  7. Beings
  8. Stepping Down
  9. Stuck For An Outline
  10. Inkblot