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sons of kemet

Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do



Released: 25th Sep 2015


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eloquent, fierce, explosively funky & thrillingly out-there, the energetic jazz-rock outfit have surpassed themselves, delivering a sophomore stuffed to the rafters with the euphoric, danceable grooves & riffs that made their 2013 debut 'Burn' such a success.

boasting a line-up that comprises some of the most progressive 21st-century talents in British jazz & beyond, Band-leader, composer & sax & clarinet player Shabaka Hutchings continues his fiery vision alongside London-based band mates Tom Skinner & Seb Rochford (a dynamo duo on drums) & latest addition, Theon Cross (taking over from Oren Marshall) on tuba. blazing with unpredictable atmospheres & effects, they continue to reach out, drawing in influences from literature, politics, Caribbean roots, New Orleans, West African roots & Western military band music. The album's restless & trancey energy is a collective achievement for fans of melt yourself down or polar bear.

Lest We Forget What We Came Here To Do


  1. In Memory Of Samir Awad
  2. In The Castle Of My Skin
  3. Tiger
  4. Mo' Wiser
  5. Breadfruit
  6. The Hour Of Judgement
  7. The Long Night Of Octavia E Butler
  8. Afrofuturism
  9. Play Mass