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ghost ramp


Released: 2nd Oct 2015



Released: 2nd Oct 2015


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mighty fine SoCal slacker punk - Produced by Woody Jackson, the band's fifth album is more of full-band effort with Stephen Pope & Alex Gates sharing writing duties with Wavves-frontman Nathan Williams.

"this album feels visceral & downright volatile. It plays like the soundtrack to Williams losing his mind, its sunny exterior clouded by constant declarations of hopelessness & flat-out cries for help....the hooks haven’t abandoned Williams in his time of stress. If anything, his melodies are as muscular as they’ve ever been. With 'V', Williams reasserts his status as one of pop punk’s preeminent songwriters, even if this version of pop punk has more in common with Black Flag on 'Nervous Breakdown' than with Blink-182...a self-assured record penned by a songwriter who’s anything but sure of himself & that dynamic shines right through the curtain of fuzz" - consequence of sound.



  1. Heavy Metal Detox
  2. Way Too Much
  3. Pony
  4. All The Same
  5. My Head Hurts
  6. Redlead
  7. Heart Attack
  8. Flamezesz
  9. Wait
  10. Tarantula
  11. Cry Baby