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New Bermuda


Pink / purple LP

Released: 2nd Oct 2015


it’s not black metal, it’s not godspeed you! black emperor tier post rock – deafheaven’s second album continues to invent and define a genre all of their own creation.

  continuing their phenomenal talent for expression and changing passages and flows, they’ve gone about smoothing out their more expansive urges into something more defined, more matured and incredibly composed here, making this a crucial listen. there’s something almost religious about the guitars here, uplifting, powerful and entirely crucial – deafheaven have made an essential album whether you want to hear explosions in the sky or burzum. “Deafheaven play like a beautiful, abstracted dream of guitar music's transportive power.” – 9.0 pitchfork

New Bermuda


  1. Brought to the Water
  2. Luna
  3. Baby Blue
  4. Come Back
  5. Gifts for the Earth