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Released: 23rd Oct 2015


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compilation containing the albums ‘Kung Fu Meets The Dragon’ by The Mighty Upsetter, ‘Return Of The Wax’ by Lee Perry And The Upsetters and ‘Musical Bones’ by Vin Gordon And The Upsetters - all of which were were originally released in 1975 (the latter two being hidden gems originally released as white label LPs).

this is a fantastic collection of lee perry dub versions and instrumentals influenced by Eastern movie soundtracks, Spaghetti Westerns and jazz.



  1. Enter The Dragon
  2. Theme From Hong Kong
  3. Heart Of The Dragon
  4. Hold Them Kung Fu
  5. Flames Of The Dragon
  6. Scorching Iron
  7. Skango
  8. Fungaa
  9. Black Belt
  10. Iron Fist
  11. Kung Fu Man
  12. Black Belt Jones
  13. Exit The Dragon
  14. Last Blood
  15. Deathly Hands
  16. Kung Fu Warrior
  17. Dragon Slayer
  18. Judgement Day
  19. One Armed Boxer
  20. Big Boss
  21. Fists Of Vengeance
  22. Samurai Swordsman
  23. Final Weapon
  24. Coco-Macca
  25. Fly Away
  26. The Message
  27. Licky Licky
  28. Labrish
  29. Quinge-Up
  30. Raw-Chaw
  31. 5 Cardiff Crescent
  32. Four Of A Kind
  33. Voodoo Man
  34. Rasta Train
  35. Ark Of The Rising Sun