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standard cd

Released: 29th Jan 2016


deluxe cd with 4 bonus tracks

Released: 29th Jan 2016


white 2lp + download with 4 bonus tracks

Released: 29th Jan 2016


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indie disco-pop from the revitalised bloc party - this, their fifth album, is a record about faith and devotion (though not, okereke insists, a religious epiphany).

it's all danceable art-pop from the off, employing various bloc party tropes that we know and love to excellent effect (spiky guitars from russell lissack, quick-fire lyrics from kele) and mixes them with synth lines mimicking gospel organs, choirs, and ambient electro. The result is a record that sounds like a band growing and changing, pushing new sounds via new approaches, and resulting in more free, less constricted Bloc Party. HYMNS marks a departure for the band sonically, too, with Kele and Russell trying sounds and approaches that they have never previously explored. "hymns restores your faith in both their ability and ambition." - q magazine



  1. The Love Within
  2. Only He Can Heal Me
  3. So Real
  4. The Good News
  5. Fortress
  6. Different Drugs
  7. into The Earth
  8. My True Name
  9. Virtue
  10. Exes
  11. Living Lux
  12. Eden (bonus track)
  13. Paradiso (bonus track)
  14. New Blood (bonus track)
  15. Evening Song (bonus track)