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Animal Collective

painting with



Released: 19th Feb 2016


lp + stickers + dl

Released: 19th Feb 2016


indies only lp + slipmat + stickers + dl

Released: 19th Feb 2016


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Warm and personal, kaleidoscopic and high definition - the baltimore four-piece's follow up to 'Centipede Hz' is joyous, and unmistakably Animal Collective.

lyrically, this album is concerned with art (cubism, Dadaism, and the distorted way those artists viewed the world) and the human experience, and the meeting of both; another step in their pursuit of a new electronic psychedelia. it's dizzyingly upbeat and gloriously realised, the album bounces and pops with an urgent, ecstatic energy, propelled by polyrhythmic beats and gurgling modular synth, with Noah Lennox and Dave Portner’s vocals gleefully falling in and out of syncopation and off-kilter harmony. ring the songs together. Recording took place in the legendary EastWest Studios in Hollywood, home to sessions by The Beach Boys and Marvin Gaye. The album features contributions from John Cale and Colin Stetson. "like a much happier, far more stoned version of Radiohead, perhaps; one fronted by duelling Brian Wilsons." - the observer

check out the exclusive indies only slipmat here:

Animal Collective - Painting With zoetropic turntable slipmat from Domino Recording Co on Vimeo.

the sleeve shown above is the 'panda bear' version. here are the other covers:









avey tare cover

Geologist cover

painting with


  1. FloriDada
  2. Hocus Pocus
  3. Vertical
  4. Lying In The Grass
  5. The Burglars
  6. Natural Selection
  7. Bagels In Kiev
  8. On Delay
  9. Spilling Guts
  10. Summing The Wretch
  11. Golden Gal
  12. Recycling