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Skunk Anansie

Paranoid and Sunburnt (2015 reissue)

One Little Indian 

limited coloured lp + download

Released: 11th Dec 2015


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Skunk Anansie’s highly popular first studio album, originally released via One Little Indian Records in 1995.

Paranoid and Sunburnt (2015 reissue)


  1. Selling Jesus
  2. Intellectualise My Blackness
  3. I Can Dream
  4. Little Baby Swastikkka
  5. All In The Name Of Pity
  6. Charity
  7. It Takes Blood & Guts To Be This Cool But I'm Still Just A Cliché
  8. Weak
  9. And Here I Stand
  10. 100 Ways To Be A Good Girl
  11. Rise Up