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the digging remedy


2lp + download

Released: 10th Jun 2016


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Released: 10th Jun 2016


global electronica at its best - bringing new rhythmic variation, emotive melody and sensual textures to electronic music, creating a warm and welcoming album influenced by early techno.

an excellent mix of ecstatic detroit chords and luxuriant arpeggiating synths mix with flutes, guitars and more from multi-instrumentalist Benet Walsh, adding even more to the band's increasingly intricate sound palate. But though the production values are the very highest, none of this is slickness or high drama simply for its own sake - this is intelligent dance music for fans of µ-Ziq, autechre, squarepusher and clark.

the digging remedy


  1. Do Matter
  2. Dilatone
  3. CLOCK
  4. The Bee
  5. Melifer
  6. Baby Step Giant Step
  7. Yu Mountain
  8. Lambswood
  9. Saladore
  10. Reeling Spiders
  11. Held
  12. Wen