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the colour in anything


2lp + download

Released: 2nd Sep 2016


a weighty, melancholic, lengthy exploration of atmosphere - this subtly textured, enveloping record remains hauntingly minimal, yet still feels like his most beefed up effort to date.

justin vernon & frank ocean work their magic throughout & rather hilariously, the master of minimalism has employed the master of paring down the production, mr.rick rubin, so we're basically left with the harshest set of soundscapes we've yet heard from the glacial one. fans of antony & the johnsons, ry x or flying lotus who haven't yet immersed themselves in james blake's stark electronics, look no further. "He still paints in deep blues and greys. His production is still unparalleled, spacious, and impossibly textured. His voice is still chilly and metallic, but maintains all its choir boy charm. His music is still towering and menacingly sad" 8.4/10 - pitchfork. 

the colour in anything


  1. Radio Silence
  2. Points
  3. Love Me in Whatever Way
  4. Timeless
  5. F.O.R.E.V.E.R.
  6. Put That Away and Talk to Me
  7. I Hope My Life
  8. Waves Know Shores
  9. My Willing Heart
  10. Choose Me
  11. I Need a Forest Fire (feat. Bon Iver)
  12. Noise Above Our Heads
  13. The Colour in Anything
  14. Two Men Down
  15. Modern Soul
  16. Always
  17. Meet You in the Maze