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Summer 08

because music


Released: 1st Jul 2016


lp + cd

Released: 1st Jul 2016


slick, neon, disco-synth-prog is where joseph mount & co have taken the ever-evolving metronomy sound on their effervescent 5th album.

named after the last summer that mount had free, it's the sound of summer abandon but this time he's disembarked his yacht & he's headed straight to the disco in your head. to keep things fresh, 'Old Skool' features Mix Master Mike & swedish popstress robyn duets on 'hang me out to dry'. "invokes the new wave funk-pop of talking heads, sparks & even early prince" 8/10 - uncut, "Mount has done it again...[he's] both fearless & eccentric on bold new album" 4/5 - nme.


Summer 08


  1. Back Together
  2. Miami Logic
  3. Old Skool
  4. 16 Beat
  5. Hang Me Out To Dry (with Robyn)
  6. Mick Slow
  7. My House
  8. Night Owl
  9. Love's Not an Obstacle
  10. Summer Jam