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Blood Bitch

sacred bones


Released: 30th Sep 2016


lp + download

Released: 30th Sep 2016


with each album, the Norwegian artist has become progressively more engaging, whilst still sounding entirely uncompromising & challenging.

in this respect, she's followed a similar trajectory to that of julia holter & shares much in common sonically with holter's expansive avant-pop (as well as that of julianna barwick, olga bell & kate bush's more experimental moments). in many respects, 'blood bitch' is a complete 180° from her last album - in subject matter, execution & production. it's Hval’s most focused album but the lens is filtered through an unexpected gaze. in her own words, it's "a poetic diary of modern transience & transcendence...It’s also the first album where I’ve started reconnecting with the goth & metal scene. It’s an album of vampires, lunar cycles, sticky choruses & the smell of warm leaves & winter". 

Blood Bitch


  1. Ritual Awakening
  2. Female Vampire
  3. In the Red
  4. Conceptual Romance
  5. Untamed Region
  6. The Great Undressing
  7. Period Piece
  8. The Plague
  9. Secret Touch
  10. Lorna

    Label sampler tracklisting:
    1. Jenny Hval – Female Vampire (from Blood Bitch)
    2. Exploded View – Orlando (from Exploded View)
    3. Lust For Youth – Display (from Compassion)
    4. Blanck Mass – Atrophies (from Dumb Flesh)
    5. Wymond Miles – Divided in Two (from Call By Night)
    6. Psychic Ills – I Don’t Mind (feat. Hope Sandoval) (from Inner Journey Out)
    7. Institute – Perpetual Ebb (from Catharsis)
    8. Cheena – Car (from Spend the Night With…)
    9. Destruction Unit – Salvation (from Negative Feedback Resistor)
    10. Marching Church – Living in Doubt (from This World Is Not Enough)
    11. Flowers for Agatha – The Freedom Curse (from KBDR Vol.2)
    12. Pop.1280 – USS ISS  (from Paradise)
    13. Almost Holy OST (Atticus Ross & Bobby Krilic) – Wild Moose
    14. John Carpenter – Utopian Façade (from Lost Themes II)