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Deap Vally




Released: 16th Sep 2016


white lp + download

Released: 16th Sep 2016


limited indies only red lp + download

Released: 16th Sep 2016


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this los angeles duo’s primal, sludgy rock n roll manages to recall everyone from the strokes to the yeah yeah yeahs to the white stripes, while remaining ferociously unique & unbelievably fun.

‘femejism’ treads the impossibly thin line between raucous fun & thoughtful & poetic rock with consummate ease - the choruses are bold & instantly catchy & the combination of crunchy guitar & drums will instantly strike a chord with any fan of royal blood or slaves. while the lyrics could have easily have just been an afterthought, they reveal layer after layer with each listen. it’s a devastatingly effective album on any level you listen to it – profoundly impressive. “route one thrill-seeking & badass bitching” 4/5 - q.




  1. Royal Jelly
  2. Julian
  3. Gonnawanna
  4. Little Baby Beauty Queen
  5. Smile More
  6. Critic
  7. Post Funk
  8. Two Seat Bike
  9. Bubble Baby
  10. Teenage Queen
  11. Grunge Bond
  12. Turn It Off
  13. Heart Is An Animal