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Die Krupps


bureau b


Released: 24th Jun 2016


lp + cd

Released: 24th Jun 2016


monolithic, metallic and relentlessly pulsing with no let-up - ‘Stahlwerkrequiem’ translates as steelwork requiem and lives up to its name and its place as the follow up to the brutal and influential 1981 ‘stahlwerksinfionie’.

it’s driven by its imposing and ever present bass and drums and overwritten by discordant guitar work that sounds like ornette coleman if he chose the string instrument and decided to add his clout to 80s industrial music. fans of early Bauhaus, rangda and lou reed’s ‘metal machine music’ should give this a spin. 



  1. Stahlwerkrequiem
  2. Reinhausen
  3. Stahlwerkrequiem
  4. Westfalenhütte