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Agnes Obel

Citizen Of Glass

Play It Again Sam


Released: 21st Oct 2016


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gatefold lp

Released: 21st Oct 2016


A magical brew of mournful cello, piano tinkles, pizzicato plucks & that beguiling voice from the Danish born, Berlin-residing classically-trained singer-songwriter.

her pristine 3rd album evokes the warmth of a crackling open fire melting the crystallised flakes of pure white snow from our winter woollies, swiftly transporting us to never-never land. On 'familiar' She double tracks her vocals to give the impression she’s duetting with herself – the result wouldn’t sound out of place on Anohni’s ‘Hopelessness’ album. ‘Red Virgin Soil’’s Yann Tiersen-like rhythms dart around, creating a very Parisian sounding propulsive looping beat while ‘Trojan Horses’ has a more ominous, almost John Carpenter-esque introduction which then moves into Sol Seppy-esque vocal harmonies & more buoyant instrumentation. ‘Golden Green’ is a delicious concoction showcasing Agnes’s full vocal range, from the hushed to the soaring. Simply stunning.

Citizen Of Glass

  1. Stretch Your Eyes
  2. Familiar
  3. Red Virgin Soil
  4. It’s Happening Again
  5. Stone
  6. Trojan Horses
  7. Citizen Of Glass
  8. Golden Green
  9. Grasshopper
  10. Mary