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Sleigh Bells

Jessica Rabbit

Lucky Number


Released: 11th Nov 2016


limited blood red splatter lp + 7" + download

Released: 11th Nov 2016


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Now here’s a band its impossible to feel indifferent about.

mr. manager tom absolutely loves it, whilst derry reckons it sounds like they’ve eaten too many sweets. the latter may well be true, but is not necessarily a drawback for a band who revel as much in chaos as they do in playfulness. this is classic sleigh bells, but with some new toys to play with - both more pop and more contrary than ever.  “Clean, lean, and impassioned to the edge of malice; both the beauty and the devil are in the discord. Jessica Rabbit is a fucking great feminist-punk record, one of the pop highlights of the year, and the best thing they’ve ever done” 8.5/10 – the 405

*** First pressing is limited to 1,000 copies. Ltd Edition Blood Red Splatter Vinyl, includes exclusive bonus track + one sided 7” Single + MP3 download code. ***

Jessica Rabbit


  1. It’s Just Us Now
  2. Torn Clean
  3. Lightning Turns Sawdust
  4. I Can’t Stand You Anymore
  5. Crucible
  6. Loyal For
  7. I Can Only Stare
  8. Throw Me Down the Stairs
  9. Unlimited Dark Paths
  10. I Know Not to Count On You
  11. Rule Number One
  12. Baptism by Fire
  13. Hyper Dark
  14. As If