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Cavern of Anti-Matter

blood drums (2017 reissue)



Released: 13th Jan 2017


3lp + download

Released: 13th Jan 2017


Finally getting the wider release it deserves, this reissue of Cavern Of Anti-Matter’s much sought-after 1st album was originally issued as a vinyl-only edition of only 500 copies.

The recordings here actually represent the genesis of the whole Cavern Of Anti-Matter project: commissioned by artist Nicolas Moulin to come up with a double album of original material, Tim Gane (formerly of the much loved Stereolab) hunkered down in his home studio for 3 weeks with a collection of old sequencers, drum machines & analogue synths. With the assistance of Joe Dilworth & Holger Zapf he produced the 16 tracks that comprise ‘blood drums’. The initial pressing sold out instantly & offers followed to play live & make more records. As a result of this positive response, Cavern Of Anti-Matter have gradually evolved from 1-off experiment to full-time band, who have gone on to produce #16 on our favourite albums of 2016!

blood drums (2017 reissue)


  1. you’re an art soul
  2. solar diamond
  3. invocation melodie in c
  4. hot electric insect
  5. irradiated dream mouth
  6. silver dust
  7. sound-magic’s death ray
  8. destroys the vortex and
  9. has union with infinity
  10. rotation and particle
  11. density in D
  12. blood-drums machine
  13. adventures in one octave
  14. movin’ on static
  15. dystopian shopping mall
  16. strawberry dust
  17. acid death picnic
  18. kool boy narcosis
  19. lament for cement