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the shins




Released: 10th Mar 2017


180g LP + download

Released: 10th Mar 2017


an astonishing set from mercer and co – their idiosyncratic style that launched a generation of copycat bands still sounds as fresh and unique here as it ever has.

their first self-produced by Mercer since Oh, Inverted World’ in 2001 is possibly their strongest too – the emotional honesty and poetry of the lyrics and the subtle bombast of the album itself make for an instantly striking yet slowly revealing album. “more frequent albums would be very welcome, but every one when they arrive, like ‘heartworms’, is an utter gem” – 4/5, q magazine



  1. Name for You
  2. Painting a Hole
  3. Cherry Hearts
  4. Fantasy Island
  5. Mildenhall
  6. Rubber Ballz
  7. Half a Million
  8. Dead Alive
  9. Heartworms
  10. So Now What
  11. The Fear