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Biophon Records


Released: 3rd Feb 2017


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one of pitchfork’s top 50 ambient albums of all time, this reissue comes bundled with bonus album ‘man with a movie’ providing even more peerless soundworlds for your buck.

Residing in Norway, near the Arctic Circle, Jenssen has found the focus to slowly and steadily create a self-contained aural universe, made up of reflective and immersive sound sculptures. ‘Substrata’ marked Jenssen's embarkation towards an intensely minimal style, with stunning results. "The best ambient album I've heard in an ice age, an album of terrifying, desolate and all-enveloping beauty" – melody maker, “The careful balance of background and foreground invites the listener to go exploring inside the sound, and the free-associative sensory flow distills the music’s lysergic potential to a purity rarely encountered in any genre.” - pitchfork



  1. As the Sun Kissed the Horizon
  2. Poa Alpina
  3. Chukhung
  4. The Things I Tell You
  5. Times When I Know You'll Be Sad
  6. Hyperborea
  7. Kobresia
  8. Antennaria
  9. Uva-Ursi
  10. Sphere of No Form
  11. Silene
  12. Prologue
  13. The Silent Orchestra
  14. City Wakes Up
  15. Freeze-Frames
  16. Manicure
  17. The Club
  18. Ballerina
  19. The Eye of the Cyclone
  20. Endurium
  21. Laika