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sprained ankle



Released: 17th Mar 2017


her debut is devastatingly intimate – her existential pain becomes ours, carried on crests of tenderly-plucked guitar that issue from a black sonic abyss with baker’s beautifully vulnerable voice the only guiding light.

Only Baker can make a song with such a darkly macabre title so heartbreakingly gorgeous, with her signature hushed-yet-lofty vocals soaring over a quietly fingerpicked melody that crescendos into layered, almost-orchestral beauty. “Richly poetic songs of trauma and redemption, moving from almost unbearable fragility to confessional strength” - The New York Times. ‘Julien Baker's extremely intimate songs operate in existential ultimatums—life or death, hope or despair, oblivion or epiphany. These are redemption songs that sound as raw as they feel’ – pitchfork.

sprained ankle


  1. Blacktop
  2. Sprained Ankle
  3. Brittle Boned
  4. Everybody Does
  5. Good News
  6. Something
  7. Rejoice
  8. Vessels
  9. Go Home

7" funeral prye

  1. Funeral Pyre
  2. Distant Solar System