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Talking Heads

Stop Making Sense - Deluxe Edition (2024 Repress)

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When it arrived in September 1984, 'Stop Making Sense' was an artistic and commercial triumph.
Talking Heads

Little Creatures (2023 "rocktober" reissue)

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Little Creatures is the sixth studio album by Talking Heads and was originally released in 1985.
Talking Heads

True Stories (2023 "rocktober" reissue)

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True Stories is the seventh studio album by Talking Heads and was originally released in 1986.
Talking Heads

Remain in Light (2023 "rocktober" reissue)

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Remain in Light is the fourth studio album by American rock band Talking Heads, released on October 8, 1980.
Talking Heads

Naked (2023 "rocktober" reissue)

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Naked is the eighth studio album by Talking Heads and was originally released in 1988.
Talking Heads


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Formed in 1975, Talking Heads created some of the most adventurous, original, and danceable music to emerge from New Wave.
  1. Burning Down The House
  2. Making Flippy Floppy
  3. Girlfriend Is Better
  4. Slippery People
  5. I Get Wild/Wild Gravity
  6. Swamp
  7. Moon Rocks
  8. Pull Up The Roots
  9. This Must Be The Place (Naive Melody)

Talking Heads


  • CD

    Released: 14th Aug 1984


released in 1983, ‘speaking in tongues’ was the band’s fifth studio album & became their commercial breakthrough.

talking heads found a way to open up the dense textures of the music they had developed with brian eno on their two previous studio albums for 'speaking in tongues', & were rewarded with their most popular album yet. ten backup singers & musicians accompanied the original quartet, but somehow the sound was more spacious, & the music admitted aspects of gospel, notably in the call-&-response of ‘slippery people,’ & john lee hooker-style blues, on ‘swamp.’ the accompanying music, filled with odd percussive & synthesiser sounds, could be unusually light & bouncy.