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Shobaleader One




Released: 10th Mar 2017


2lp + download

Released: 10th Mar 2017


a combination of virtuosic jazz noodling, break neck speed chord changes and high tempo fun make this collection of reinterpretations of squarepusher songs completely insane and utterly irresistible.

by introducing a (somewhat) more real life band feel to the proceedings he’s transformed his innately skittish compositions that sound cold and mechanical on record into a late night jazz band on speed, which sounds a hell of a lot better than you think it would…



  1. The Swifty
  2. Coopers World
  3. Don’t Go Plastic
  4. Iambic 5 Poetry
  5. Squarepusher Theme
  6. E8 Boogie
  7. Deep Fried Pizza
  8. Megazine
  9. Delta V
  10. Anstromm Feck
  11. Journey To Reedham