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The Radiophonic Workshop

Burials In Several Earths

Room 13


Released: 19th May 2017


very limited (400 for u.k only) 4 x 10" + download + poster

Released: 19th May 2017


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This is a brand new, completely original album from the synth godparents themselves, asserting their continuing relevance in a music world that has only recently caught up with them.

It’s a brave and creatively adventurous return, too, comprising of five lengthy improvisations recorded live to tape, demonstrating the true mastery these pioneers have over their machines. this is not, however, an academic exercise in machine manipulations - these pieces meditate and plunge through soundworlds of fabulous evocative depth - sometimes dark, sometimes weird, and sometimes even pretty. Pure analogue heaven, and recommended variously if you like, or have ever liked: ghost box records, pye corner audio, cavern of anti-matter, emeralds, doctor who, and hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy. “five suites, which rise, fall, breathe, sigh and undulate with a touching humanity” - clash, “liberating, formless, freeing immediacy” - tinymixtapes

Burials In Several Earths