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The Myrrors

Hasta La Victoria



Released: 7th Jul 2017


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Released: 7th Jul 2017


this record sees them at their very best – painting vast, mesmerising soundscapes out of hazy psych-rock fuzz.

this record comes just one year after ‘Entranced Earth’, and serves as its perfect companion piece. And yet, not a moment of the album’s thirty-seven minutes ever feels even remotely rushed, or anything short of natural. Indeed, in the best possible way, ‘Hasta La Victoria’ sounds like they couldn’t be doing anything else. Perhaps it’s not the victory in the album’s title that focuses the bands attention; perhaps it’s the until.


Hasta La Victoria


  1. Organ Mantra
  2. Somos La Resistencia
  3. Tea House Music
  4. El Aleph
  5. Hasta La Victoria