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Dance In A Greenwich Farm

radiation roots


Released: 29th Jun 2017


Cornell Campbell has enjoyed one of the longest-running careers of any Jamaican singer, blessed with a readily identifiable style.

He began his career for Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd in 1956, when rhythm and blues held sway in Jamaica, and later cut some ska songs for King Edwards. He then passed through the Sensations in the rock steady phase and worked as a solo singer at Treasure Isle, before returning to Studio One with the Eternals, scoring huge hits such as ‘Stars’ and ‘Queen Of The Minstrel’ as the 60s gave way to the 70s. The 1975 album ‘Dance In A Greenwich Farm’ was first issued on the Grounation label in the UK. Along with a re-working of ‘Stars’ re-titled ‘The Sun,’ a re-working of ‘Queen Of The Minstrel’ as ‘Girl Of My Dreams’ and the sound system opus that is the title track, the album has the boastful ‘Conquering Gorgon’ and a number of keenly-observed cover tunes. it includes a cut of the Gaylads’ ‘No Good Girl,’ a version of the Heptones’ ‘Why Did You Leave Me’ and a killer cut of the Uniques’ ‘Watch This Sound’ (based on ‘For What It’s Worth’ by Buffalo Springfield).

Dance In A Greenwich Farm


  1. Girl Of My Dreams
  2. i've Got To Keep On Running
  3. No Good Girl
  4. Somebody Has Stolen My Girl
  5. Why Did You Leave Me
  6. Watch This Sound
  7. Natural Facts
  8. Lost In A Dream
  9. King Of Hearts
  10. The Sun
  11. Dance In A Greenwich Farm
  12. Conquering Gorgon