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Formal Growth In The Desert

limited indies only translucent blue lp + poster + zine - £28.99 | Buy
black lp + poster + zine - £26.99 | Buy

cd + poster - £12.99 | Buy

limited indies only translucent blue lp + limited indies only slipmat + poster + zine - 1 per customer - £27.99
their sixth lp is an embrace and acknowledgment that life, after death, goes on: a 12-song testament to “getting on with life,” even when it feels i...

THE AGENT INTELLECT (2023 repress)

LP - £22.99 | Buy
an elegant and often devastating display of all that makes Protomartyr so vital and singularly visceral an outfit.

Ultimate Success Today

love record stores edition - 140g Brick Red lp + download - £22.99
cd - £10.99 | Buy

limited indies only clear blue lp + download + 24" x 24" poster + zine - £19.99

lp + download + 24" x 24" poster + zine - £18.99
ultimate success indeed! Their increasingly melodic post-punk continues to mature on a fifth lp painted with feverish rhythms and walls of mournful guitar that ...

Consolation EP

limited yellow lp + download - £13.99 | Buy
The shop favourites are in particularly exhilarating form here, on a not-jolly but cathartically euphoric ep featuring kelley deal (breeders) adding a welcome n...

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Sun Coming Down

180g lp + download - £19.99
consistently, insistently propulsive but also unhurried & pleasantly unhyped, the Montréal quartet's discordant sophomore furthers their no-nonse...


red lp + download - £10.99 | Buy
cd - £9.99 | Buy
his manic sound wanders from experimental synth gloom through to acoustic folk-ish sensibilities, often blurring lines between the two – ironically one of...


cd - £9.99 | Buy
lp + download - £21.99
the ever evolving canadian band have delivered another thrilling set of dark, brooding & superbly executed post-punk.
the fall


2lp expanded edition featuring both ‘The Wonderful And Frightening World Of The Fall’ and ‘The Wonderful And Frightening EscapeRoute To The Fall’ - £24.99
overdue vinyl remaster of a game-changing fall classic from 1984 - smith & co's first album for beggars banquet and the first to feature brix smith.
relatives in descent
  1. A Private Understanding
  2. Here Is The Thing
  3. My Children
  4. Caitriona
  5. The Chuckler
  6. Windsor Hum
  7. Don't Go To Anacita
  8. Up The Tower
  9. Night-Blooming Cereus
  10. Male Plague


relatives in descent

  • lp + zine + poster + download

    Released: 29th Sep 2017

  • cd

    Released: 29th Sep 2017


Churning, dissident and prone to cathartic eruptions, these shop heroes truly surpass themselves on this post-punk masterpiece.

Anchored by a new angular dexterity, these songs brood with a sense of malignant economy. They don’t so much draw you in as lustily sink in their talons, Joe Casey muttering, crooning and spitting his way through discontent, sadness and ennui. And if that all sounds like heavy going, know that this is also a dangerously addictive album, its hard-earned melodicism dressed up in tight grooves that both rumble and jerk. Occasionally a vision of Mark E.Smith sparring with Ought comes to mind, only for Protomartyr to reassert their singularity with an abrupt stop, or tender glimpse of melancholy. This is the stuff of great bands rather than just good ones, their lean salvos too smart to ever fully explode but too urgent to take your ears off.

“Sensational, bloodied but unbowed post-punk” - The Guardian