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hans zimmer

True Romance Original Motion Picture Score

Enjoy The Ride

red / clear splatter ' lp + 'purple cadillac' 7"

Released: 17th Nov 2017


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this exceptional score uses its percussive xylophones and marimbas to create innocent noise - a reflection of the lead characters - in tarantino’s violently dark comedy.

the German film score composer and record producer has composed over 150 film scores in his vast career, some of which include Crimson Tide, The Dark Knight Trilogy, Gladiator, The Lion King, The Pirates of the Caribbean series, and True Romance. This carefully mastered score transports us back to the innocence and the intensity of the film, which fans had previously only been able to experience by watching the film in the theater or in their homes.


True Romance Original Motion Picture Score


  1. You're So Cool (Main Title)
  2. I Think I Love You
  3. To The Club
  4. Not My Clothes
  5. I'm Your Son
  6. Father Goodbyes
  7. Stars At Dawn
  8. Alabama Hit
  9. Start Over
  10. Needed Gun
  11. Elevator Tension
  12. Police Comes In
  13. Shootout
  14. End Scene
  15. Main Title (Alternate I)
  16. Main Title (Alternate II)
  17. Main Title (Remix)
  18. You're So Cool (Extended Single Version)
  19. Stars At Dawn (Extended Single Version)
  20. Amid The Chaos Of The Day