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Carmen Villain




Released: 8th Sep 2017



Released: 8th Sep 2017


crackling with a visceral, grinding electronic energy, villain’s entirely self-made record is driven by a solid determination that is felt in every word and every note.

Writing, recording and producing alone, her intensely personal songs are entirely self-created, made up of tapestries of guitar, piano, programmed drums and synths, making the most she could out of her limited gear. Her music, her rules. Taboo-busting Norwegian artist Jenny Hval contributes lyrics and vocals on ‘Borders’, a song especially relevant among today’s tightening frontiers in America and elsewhere. her songwriting and production skills have taken a major leap forward, and on the final, ethereal ‘Planetarium’ her voice shoots into the stratosphere, riding the comet tail of a Korg bass drone. It’s about acknowledging the immensity of the universe, while remembering that we’ve each got our own private constellation of issues to deal with down here.




  1. Infinite Avenue
  2. Red Desert
  3. Simple Things
  4. Quietly
  5. Borders feat. Jenny Hval
  6. She’s Gone To Calefornia
  7. Connected
  8. The Moon Will Always Be There
  9. Water
  10. Planetarium