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django django

Marble Skies



Released: 26th Jan 2018



Released: 26th Jan 2018


the art-rockers return to throw us into a world of slippery synthesisers, hypnotic 60s psychedelia, glitzy bedroom pop & genre manipulation – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

London indie pioneers go back to their DIY, cut-and-paste ethos to keep adding to their stylistic widening yet never lose sight on making the fun songs we have come to love. They try their hand at dancehall inspired, R&B, hip-hop instrumentals & even bring in Rebecca Taylor of Slow Club for vocal guest work. Fans of their earlier work will be enthralled by the varying avenues the band take you down & if you have yet to hear of them yet, you are sure in for a treat. ”Django Django know what they’re doing. There’s never a worry that the album could go off the rails. The band guide you through a seamless collection of songs, with authority over their writing and performances. It makes it easy to lean back into these Sunday morning tunes.” 7/10 – loud and quiet

Marble Skies

  1. Marble Skies
  2. Surface to Air
  3. Champagne
  4. Tic Tac Toe
  5. Further
  6. Sundials
  7. Beam Me Up
  8. In Your Beat
  9. Real Gone
  10. Fountains

    *** EXclusive reisdent mixtape ***

    'HEAD OUT Vol.1'

    Dave from the band has done a wicked mix exclusively for us, which because music have put on  physical cassette tape with original artwork. It’s an old school 90 mins mix (45 mins each side).

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