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Fujiya & Miyagi

Transparent Things (2017 reissue)



Released: 17th Nov 2017


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Released: 17th Nov 2017


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this remaster of their classic 2006 record’s adds a heightened crispness to their exploration of 1970s Germany-tinged beats, intoxicating disco and shimmering pop.

***this marks the full album’s first appearance on vinyl***. ‘Transparent Things’ managed to look deeper and further beyond the zeitgeist whilst simultaneously remaining in it. They explored krautrock music with a passion, grace and respect - creating a hybrid sound of music that felt deeply indebted to innovations of the past but was filtered through a deeply contemporary mind-set. The end result of the album was a sound for the dance floors of the past; the then and the future.

Transparent Things (2017 reissue)


cd 1 / lp

  1. Ankle Injuries
  2. Collarbone
  3. Photocopier
  4. Conductor 71
  5. Transparent
  6. Things
  7. Sucker Punch
  8. In One Ear & Out The Other
  9. Cassett esingle
  10. Cylinders
  11. Reeboks In Heaven

cd 2

 1. Nike Running Mix