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Tago Mago



Released: 26th Jun 2012


2lp + download

Released: 23rd Jun 2014


a masterpiece without a wasted note, ranging from sweet & gentle, floating melodies to full-on monster grooves.

with the band in full artistic flower & suzuki's sometimes moody, sometimes frenetic speak/sing/shrieking in full effect, 1971 saw can release one of the best krautrock albums of all time. featuring 3 long examples of can at their absolute best; ‘halleluwah’ with the rhythm section pounding out a trance/funk beat, the equally mind-blowing, near-rhythmless flow of ‘aumgn’, with swathes of sound floating from speaker to speaker in an ever-evolving wash, leading up to a final jam, ‘peking o’, which throws in everything from chinese-inspired melodies & jazzy piano breaks to cheap organ rhythm boxes & damo’s manic babbling.

Tago Mago


  1. Paperhouse
  2. Mushroom
  3. Oh Yeah
  4. Halleluwah
  5. Aumgn
  6. Peking O
  7. Bring Me Coffee or Tea