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Brigid Mae Power

The Two Worlds



Released: 9th Feb 2018



Released: 9th Feb 2018


devastatingly atmospheric– power’s take on folk music combines the floating, ethereal quality of julie byrne and Karen Dalton with immersive, all consuming harmonium drone; this is an album to drown in.

despite her apparent aversion to chorus verse structure, ‘the two worlds’ manages to be anything but formless; think Joanna newsom level of song structure, with themes and voices drifting in and out of focus. it’s an enormously accomplished sound, one that takes a few listens to sink into but once you’re there you’re trapped forever. “she writes songs that’re structured like poems and delivered by prayers, with the words blurring hazily into the melodies” – 8/10, uncut

The Two Worlds


  1. i'm grateful
  2. don't shut me up (politely)
  3. so you've seen my limit
  4. on my own with you
  5. is my presence in the room enough for you?
  6. down on the ground
  7. peace backing us up
  8. how's your new home?
  9. the two worlds
  10. let me go now