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Jason Sharp

Stand Above The Streams



Released: 23rd Feb 2018


the jazz virtuoso’s experimental, electronic treatment of his acoustic playing presents an utterly gripping listen, with melodic and micro-tonal elements flowing amidst waves of atmospheric pink and brown noise, low-end modulation and calibrated distortion.

Almost all sound sources on the album originate with Sharp: bass and baritone saxophones, heartbeat, pulse, and breathing are played/processed in real time through his own signal-bending synthesis rig and through Basanta’s bespoke ‘controlled feedback’ amplification system. The album’s rhythms are generated wholly from Sharp’s similarly controlled breathing and heart rate. there is an unmistakable human element and underlying warmth that courses through the tensile strength of this music, electrifying it with the viscera of the body. this innovative treatment of masterful playing techniques calls to mind the works of colin Stetson, greg fox, ben frost and tim hecker.

Stand Above The Streams


  1. Stand Above The Streams Pt. 1
  2. Stand Above The Streams Pt. 2
  3. Stand Above The Streams Pt. 3
  4. Stand Above The Streams Pt. 4