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Hop Along

Bark Your Head Off, Dog



Released: 6th Apr 2018


LP + download

Released: 6th Apr 2018


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this phillie band delight with bright, quirky, angular takes on pop music, aimed the waxahathchee/swearin'/frankie cosmos set.

it features the familiar sounds that have always made the band allergic to genre: grunge, folk, punk, and power pop all appear, with inspiration from ELO to Elvis Costello to ‘70s girl group vocal arrangements. This time around, they’ve added strings, more intricate rhythms, and lush harmonies. pop for indie-rockers, and lovers of tuneyards, built to spill, radiator hospital, and sleater kinney. “a densely textured and emotionally resonant study in intense introspection and frustration…powerfully real and usefully messy” – npr, “intimate and grand in a way only few can do” 4* - the skinny

Bark Your Head Off, Dog


  1. How Simple
  2. Somewhere A Judge
  3. How You Got Your Limp
  4. Not Abel
  5. The Fox In Motion
  6. One That Suits Me
  7. What The Writer Meant
  8. Look Of Love
  9. Prior Things