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Parquet Courts


Rough Trade Records


Released: 18th May 2018


lp + download

Released: 18th May 2018


very Limited Indies-Only Deluxe lp + art booklet + download

Released: 18th May 2018


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No matter what they throw at us, these New Yorkers have reached a transcendent point where they sound like no-one but themselves.

What does a Parquet Courts song sound like? You think you know but increasingly you don’t. ‘Wide Awake!’ is like a sneak attack from a band whose devil-may-care tendencies mask that they are the most creative rock band on the planet. Keep a close ear for the moments the cool veneer slips. ‘Freebird II’ hides its pathos behind a dumb title and jolly progression. The hokey groove of ‘Violence’ distorts its existential crisis. ‘Wide Awake’ is insanely fun but its gang vocals convey a collective yearning. They’ll play pretty when they want to. And then they’ll lay down a punk-funk Minutemen-esque riff and jerk you around just for kicks. With this album they earn the adage reserved for the great bands - “always different, always the same”.

“Here they sound truly alive, impassioned and buoyant on their finest LP to date” 8/10 – uncut

“Chaotic, visionary and righteously pissed off, ‘Wide Awake!’ feels like the perfect rock record for the times” 8/10 - q



  1. Total Football
  2. Violence
  3. Before the Water Gets Too High
  4. Mardi Gras Beads
  5. Almost Had to Start a Fight/In and Out of Patience
  6. Freebird II
  7. Normalization
  8. Back to Earth
  9. Wide Awake
  10. NYC Observation
  11. Extinction
  12. Death Will Bring Change
  13. Tenderness

    + exclusive bonus disc 'Wide Awake remixes' (while stocks last)

    1) Wide Awake! (Danny Krivit Re-Edit)
    2) Wide Awake! (Club mix) by Mikey Young
    3) Normalisation (Collective Witnessing mix) by Mikey Young