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simone felice

The Projector

New York Pro


Released: 13th Apr 2018

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Released: 13th Apr 2018


the felice brother presents a lustrous collection of intimate ballads that contrast hushed vocals with surging choruses.

The album’s eponymous opener sets the tone beautifully: it’s Spectral, almost skeletal at first, before the man’s resonant voice and spartan guitar are joined by shiversome choral vocals from Bat For Lashes’ Natasha Khan and haunted folktronica from Four Tet. The track is a hallucinatory walk through the backrooms and hallways of modern human paranoia and tech-induced loneliness. It’s a handcrafted album of lone guitars echoing in the twilight, nocturnal electronics and woodsy vocals in which you can hear and feel the grain. This will greatly appeal to fans of father john misty and cat stevens.

The Projector


  1. The Projector
  2. The Fawn
  3. Hustler
  4. Your Hands
  5. Angel By My Side
  6. Same On Any Corner
  7. To Be You
  8. You Shall Be My Eve
  9. They’d Hang Upon My Every Word
  10. War Movie