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Chairs Missing (2018 REISSUE)



Released: 22nd Jun 2018



Released: 29th Jun 2018



Released: 18th May 2018


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having not been readily available for a number of years, we welcome the physical return of their highly influential second album in the form of a pure & undiluted remaster.

This also includes a range of images from the archive of Annette Green. Wire’s official photographer during this period, Green also shot the covers for Pink Flag & Chairs Missing. Most of the photographs have not been seen for 40 years – & many have never been published anywhere before. ***the album is presented as an 80-page hardback book – the size of a 7-inch, but obviously much thicker. After a special introduction by Jon Savage, Graham Duff provides insight into each track. These texts include recording details, brand-new interviews with band members, & lyrics. The original album is presented on its own CD, accompanied by discs that feature relevant extra tracks: singles; B-sides; demos; & many previously unreleased songs.***

Chairs Missing (2018 REISSUE)


Disc 1 (Original album)

  1. PracticeMakesPerfect
  2. French Film Blurred 

  3. Another The Letter 

  4. Men 2nd 

  5. Marooned 

  6. Sand In My Joints
  7. Being Sucked In Again
  8. Heartbeat
  9. Mercy 

  10. Outdoor Miner 

  11. IAmTheFly 

  12. I Feel Mysterious Today 

  13. From The Nursery 

  14. Used To 

  15. too Late 

Disc 2 (Singles, B-sides & studio recordings)

  1. I Am The Fly (single Version)
  2. Dot Dash 

  3. Options R 

  4. Outdoor Miner (single Version) 

  5. Practice Makes Perfect (single Version)
  6. Underwater Experiences (Advision Version) 

Disc 3 (Studio demos)

  1. Fourth demo sessions
  2. Practice Makes Perfect
  3. OhNoNotSo

  4. Culture Vultures

  5. It’s The Motive 05 Love Ain’t Polite

  6. French Film Blurred (version 1)
  7. Sand In My Joints

  8. Too Late

  9. IAmTheFly

  10. Heartbeat

  11. Underwater Experiences

  12. Stalemate

  13. I Feel Mysterious Today

Fifth demo sessions

  1. Dot Dash

  2. French Film Blurred (version 2)
  3. Options R
  4. Finistaire (Mercy)
  5. Marooned

  6. From The Nursery

  7. Indirect Enquiries (version 1)
  8. Outdoor Miner
  9. Chairs Missing (Used To)
  10. Being Sucked In Again

  11. Men 2nd

  12. Another The Letter

  13. No Romans