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Recurring (2022 repress)

limited 180g green lp - £22.99
their fourth and final lp is An essential album for any old or new fans of Spacemen 3.

Perfect Prescription

180g LP + download - £21.99 | Buy

Sound Of Confusion (2021 reissue)

140g lp - £21.99 | Buy
Spacemen 3’s debut album "Sound Of Confusion", released in 1986, was a blistering affair - establishing their love of the two-chord song and als...

Dreamweapon (2018 reissue)

2LP - £23.99
this Digitally remastered reissue includes the whole concert, & is augmented by studio sessions & rehearsal tapes from 1987 that preceded their classic ...


imbued with a rough garage energy the spacemen's '86 debut was a perfect fusion of the psych/proto-punk/drone influences of its creators sent into the o...
Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To (2018 reissue)
  1. The Sound Of Confusion 5:54
  2. 2.35 (Version 1) 3:50
  3. Losing Touch With My Mind 5:16
  4. Amen 4:53
  5. That's Just Fine (Vocal Version) 7:35
  6. Come Down Easy 6:58
  7. Mary Anne 4:19
  8. Feel So Good 5:04
  9. 2.35 (Feedback Version) 3:50
  10. Hey Man 4:49
  11. it's Allright 7:42
  12. 2.35 (Version 2) 3:40
  13. Things'll Never Be The Same 6:09
  14. Transparent Radiation (Organ Version) 4:14


Taking Drugs To Make Music To Take Drugs To (2018 reissue)

Space Age Recordings
  • 180g 2lp

    Released: 26th Oct 2018

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the re-release of the one with the preposterous title now comes digitally re-mastered - featuring Sonic Boom aka Peter Kember (Spectrum / E.

A.R.) and Jason Pierce (Spiritualized). Never has a record been so aptly titled, or so perfectly descriptive of a band's particular vision of the universe. For all that, the original appearance of this album was in fact a bootleg on a forgotten imprint in 1990, later supplemented with contemporary outtakes and cuts for the ‘Bomp’ reissue in 1994 and one further song for the ‘Space Age’ version in 2000. The original seven tracks, dated January 1986 and the first recordings to feature Pete Bain on bass, are collectively known as the Northampton Demos -Both Sonic and Pierce on record as long preferring these takes to the eventual versions that surfaced for the most part on ‘Sound of Confusion’.