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Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program

Stargate Music

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Released: 27th Apr 2018


this set of experimental hip-hop and dance tracks from the renowned Los Angeles producer is a wonderfully liberating, psychedelic exodus out of our own atmosphere and into a bright cosmos of skittering synths and hazy funk excursions.

“On a mission to gather up the best elements of a half-century of revolutionary black music and launch them into a utopian sci-fi alternate dimension of his own devising.” – Pitchfork. “Music can be a means of accessing a certain part of your psyche and channelling the creativity and energy of higher beings. One such lucky musician is the California producer Ras G.” - The Source.

Stargate Music

  1. Primordial Water
  2. Formations 1
  3. Water Broken (The Opening Of The Stargate)
  4. The Arrival
  5. Quest To Find Anu
  6. Stargate
  7. Intimate Reconnections
  8. 1st Invite (Ankh)
  9. The Nector of Stargate
  10. (taste)
  11. is it Lust or Love
  12. Infinite possibilities
  13. Heaven is between her legs… (Intiate the return)
  14. The Great Return (racing seed)
  15. Primordial Water
  16. Formations 2