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The Jayhawks

Back Roads and Abandoned Motels

Legacy Recordings


Released: 13th Jul 2018


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Released: 13th Jul 2018


a record adorned with euphoric, soul-infused Americana ballads, this begs to be heard whilst enjoying the tingle of sunshine on your skin.

Recorded in two soulful sessions in 2017, Back Roads and Abandoned Motels finds the current incarnation of The Jayhawks--Louris (vocals, acoustic and electric guitars), Marc Perlman (bass), Tim O'Reagan (vocals, drums, percussion), Karen Grotberg (vocals, piano, keyboards), John Jackson (mandolin, violin, acoustic guitar)--expanding the group's repertoire with 11 new performances of Gary's songs. Karen and Tim each sing lead on two songs on the album. Tim performs "Gonna Be a Darkness" and "Long Time Ago" while Karen takes lead vocals (for the first time on a Jayhawks album) on the opener, "Come Cryin' to Me (featuring a soulful horn section arranged by David Ralicke) and on "El Dorado."

Back Roads and Abandoned Motels


  1. Come Cryin' To Me (Gary Louris, Natalie Maines, MartieMaguire, Emily Robison)
  2. Everybody Knows (Gary Louris, Natalie Maines, Emily Robison, MartieMaguire)
  3. Gonna Be A Darkness (Jakob Dylan, Gary Louris)
  4. Bitter End (Emily Robison, Natalie Maines, Gary Louris, MartieMaguire)
  5. Backwards Women (Gary Louris, Joel King, Taylor Burns, Ricky Young)
  6. Long Time Ago (Emerson Hart, Gary Louris)
  7. Need You Tonight (Scott Thomas, Gary Louris, Kristen Hall)
  8. El Dorado (Carrie Rodriguez, Gary Louris, Malcolm Burn, Sandra Jennifer (Sandrine) Daniels)
  9. Bird Never Flies (Ari Hest, Gary Louris)
  10. Carry You To Safety (Gary Louris)
  11. Leaving Detroit (Gary Louris)