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K7 Records


Released: 13th Jul 2018


2lp + download

Released: 13th Jul 2018


The first chapter of Armand Jakobsson’s musical career has been nothing short of remarkable.

After establishing himself with rough but emotive house as Rimbaudian and jungle as Birds of Sweden, he unveiled his DJ Seinfeld alias to the world, first with underground hit single ‘U’, then with his Time Spent Away From U album on Lobster Fury in November 2017. It was a post break-up love letter to the dance floor with heart-on-sleeve emotions colouring the dusty and analogue house grooves. Acclaim came in from far and wide, with everyone from Rolling Stone to Pitchfork fawning over its heart swelling nostalgia and melancholic immediacy. Jakobsson approached his DJ-Kicks with the intention of representing all the things that made him fall in love with dance music more than a decade ago, as well as showing some of the progression that has occurred in that time and “reflecting the simultaneous fear of leaving something safe behind as well as the excitement of venturing into unknown territories, musically and emotionally.” In order to make it as personal as possible, he called upon the many talented people around him making music. They returned with an enthusiasm that reminded Jakobsson of his own early passion, and in turn invigorated him and the whole process of assembling the mix. It was finally recorded at Inkonst club in Malmo because, recently back from years in Barcelona, he has not yet set up a studio in his hometown. DJ Seinfeld’s DJ-Kicks is not only a testament of his characterful DJ skills, but also a complete artistic statement that showcases his unique vision of dance music.



  1. DJ Seinfeld - I See U
  2. Andras - Poets Day*
  3. Fantastic Man - False Consciousness*
  4. Rudolf C - Deep Sea Survivor*
  5. Rimbaudian - Simple Call*
  6. Roza Terenzi - Up In Smoke
  7. Sleep D - Dawn Over Atlas
  8. Hymns - Walrus
  9. Rudolf C - Saber*
  10. FaltyDL - Freak Acid*
  11. Pepe - Victory Level
  12. Project Pablo - Who’s It For
  13. DJ Seinfeld - Typeless
  14. Mor Elian - Sci Si
  15. Chela Una - Take Me*
  16. Reptant - Freq Accident*
  17. DJ Seinfeld - Triangle Echos*
  18. Shedbug - Ambroxitil
  19. J.Albert - meXme
  20. S.O.N.S - Dune*
  21. Lou Karsh - Seep*
  22. cd only*