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Released: 21st Sep 2018


here to rid the planet of identikit krautfuzzers, these three Englishmen summon a brilliant set of sharp-focus electronic rock songs from the bones of influences like harmonia, silver apples, and can.

A Beak> album always provides a treat of diverse-as-you-like music executed with deep skillz, and this record is no exception, never repeating itself, unless in some motorik schematic designed to make your mind expand outwards. Most pleasing of all is the nuggety little pop songs that litter the set, charming with buried vocals and understated harmonies, creeping up on you from the angularity that surrounds. You owe it to yourself to get this if you've ever enjoyed anything by radiohead, suuns, john carpenter, wire, portishead, cavern of anti-matter, stereolab, and neu. “Everything about Beak> is a cohesive, ambitious and thoughtfully-executed murky delight. A godsend of a record in these times of landfill indie” 9/10 – drowned in sound, "a rare, resilient triumph" 10/10 - loud and quiet


  1. The Brazilian
  2. Brean Down
  3. Birthday Suit
  4. Harvester
  5. Allé Sauvage
  6. Teisco
  7. King Of The Castle
  8. RSI
  9. Abbots Leigh
  10. When We Fall