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My Name is Safe in Your Mouth

bella union


Released: 9th Nov 2018


180g clear lp + download

Released: 9th Nov 2018


the duke spirit singer’s dreamy solo debut has us hopelessly infatuated with its serenity-infused melodies and ethereal vocals.

Multi-tracked voices and mellifluous synths create cushioning backdrops for “Into the Flesh”, an almost Kate Bush-like lullaby for someone (a child?) or something (a song?) coaxed into being; Moss’s emphasis on the word “softly” speaks quiet volumes about how these songs are nurtured into life. Meanwhile, “Above You, Around You” meditates on selfhood while all around is in flux, exploring, as Moss puts it, “What it could be to nurture, change and grow, and not be afraid of the unknown, but make friends with it.” This album is a haunting snapshot of an intuitive artist seeking new ways to work without safety nets. “a sumptuous set of gloriously gloomy ballads that emphasise moss’s expressiveness as a vocalist” 8/10 – uncut.

My Name is Safe in Your Mouth

  1. Memories and Faces
  2. Subequal
  3. Into The Flesh
  4. Above You, Around You
  5. Wild As Fire
  6. Manipura
  7. New Leaves
  8. Salutation
  9. Moon
  10. Hidden Sea