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heavenly recordings

Pink 12"

Released: 12th Oct 2018


It may sound preposterous at first flush, but this hyperactive technicolour Japanese pop struck-through with incredible grooves, insane garage-band-gone-mega chops, and vocal hooks the aural equivalent of high fives.

This year’s least boring release comes from a band you can imagine playing in your living room but could never have come up with even in your imagination. Think the chaos of early deerhoof if they’d been obsessed with retro electronics and glossy commercial music. But the best thing is they are capable of bittersweet moments like the glorious ‘horechatta’, which glides with a tasteful L.A. cool. It’s also recommended if you like pinkshinyultrablast…needless to say, they cover a lot of styles here. Just precociously good.



  1. Hi Hi Baby
  2. N.E.O.
  3. Boyz Seco Men
  4. Horechatta
  5. Fried
  6. She is Kitty