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The Oscillation

The Start Of The End

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From the massive racket of album opener, ‘War On The Mind’, to the title track’s pharmacologically soothing swirl, The Oscillation are back in...

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the lucid dream


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They may have started as a psych band, but ‘actualisation’ lives up to its name – this is the culmination of all their influences, from primal...
Wasted Space
  1. Entity
  2. Wasted Space
  3. Visions Of Emptiness
  4. Drop
  5. The Human Shell
  6. Luminous Being

The Oscillation

Wasted Space

Fuzz Club
  • limited indies only 180g yellow lp + download

    Released: 19th Oct 2018


Motoric beats, buried vocals and an urgent pace set this krautrock infused psychedelic trip a step above.

Full of spaced out grooves, but never descending into self-congratulatory jamming, it’s the perfect balance of kaleidoscopic sounds and tightly knit grooves. If you’re a fan of the lucid dream and haven’t heard these guys yet, make sure you give this a spin…Hedonistic yet reflective, ‘Wasted Space’ is an album that moves purposely along a high wire as it finds the perfect balance between dealing with life and escaping it.