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jamie lenman

Live at St Pancras

big scary monsters

white 2lp + download + dvd

Released: 2nd Nov 2018

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this live set from 2017’s ‘Devolver’ tour boasts an abundant selection of massive lenman tracks, plus entertaining q & a’s.

As Jamie tells us: "The thing I like about the show is that you can tell from the recording that I was nervous at first, playing totally new songs in that serene atmosphere, and then things gradually warm up and by the end we're having a right old laugh, and I think that gives the record a unique shape that's very truthful and interesting". Featuring tracks from ‘Devolver’ alongside cherished older songs including a cover of Cyndi Lauper's 'Money Changes Everything', it also includes a Q&A as well as all the in-between song chat kept in.

Live at St Pancras


  1. Thanks For Coming
  2. Couldn't you find a bassist? (Q&A)
  3. How hard is it to keep your old Yamaha together? (Q&A)
  4. All of England Is a City
  5. Body Popping
  6. Any artists you'd like to feature with? (Q&A)
  7. Waterloo Teeth
  8. Any future collaborations? (Q&A)
  9. What's your favourite song on the new album and why? (Q&A)
  10. Devolver
  11. What's the name of the rap album gonna be? (Q&A)
  12. Bones
  13. Mississippi
  14. How easy was this album to make? (Q&A)
  15. How do you maintain your visceral anger and honesty? (Q&A)
  16. Today is a Big Day
  17. Solo Career
  18. The Last Time
  19. I Ain't Your Boy
  20. You Will Go To Hell
  21. Menmania
  22. Tonight My Wife is Your Wife
  23. Little Lives
  24. Thanks to Everyone
  25. St Pancras
  26. Nobody Loves You
  27. Memory
  28. Never Coming Here Again
  29. A Real Bummer
  30. Money Changes Everything
  31. Friends in Low Places
  32. Two Thousand Trees (Bonus Track)