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Yann Tiersen




Released: 15th Feb 2019


180g 2lp + download

Released: 15th Feb 2019


A career-high for the celebrated composer, this album is a rich wonder overflowing with gorgeous moments that bloom on you over repeated listens.

Tiersen has put his piano melodies at the mercy of experimental, imaginative soundworlds, whether surrounded by field recordings, birdsong, or angelic voices. The arrangements are sublime, ebbing and flowing and introducing new sounds regularly and with effortless grace. It’s his most deeply felt music since the Amelie soundtrack, nestling somewhere warm in the belly of the listener, both cinematic and intimate. “a devastatingly effective way with a melody” 4* - guardian, “Evocative and enriching, Tiersen’s Eusa is a faultless work” 10/10 – records collector



  1. Tempelhof
  2. Koad (Wood)
  3. Erc’h (Anow)
  4. Usal Road
  5. Pell (Far)
  6. Bloavezhioù (Years)
  7. Heol (Sun)
  8. Gwennilied (Swallows)
  9. Aon (Fear)
  10. Prad (Meadow)
  11. Beure Kentañ (First Morning)