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The Missing Man

Rise Records


Released: 21st Dec 2018


AFI don’t sound like a near 30-year old band here, this ep delivering crunch and soar with deft precision.

This erstwhile band are an incredibly rare thing, in that they continue to sound relevant and exciting whilst their peers have fallen by the wayside. These 5 tunes are addictive and anthemic, subtly pushing their sound forward whilst still making you feel 17 again in your heart, unless you are 17, in which case this will make you feel exactly how old you are, ie - invincible, a mess, awesome. “AFI continues to deliver the goods…the well-established alt-rockers have managed to stay relevant over their 27 years, while remaining true to their core sound.…Once again, they reassert that they are a force to reckon with” 4* - spill magazine

The Missing Man