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The Hype

limited red 10" ep - £19.99 | Buy
cd ep - £11.99 | Buy
The Norwegian pop charmer has given us a tantalising glimpse of what's around the corner with this EP - Huge hook-filled bangers with a trace of heartfelt m...

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French version: 2lp + cd - £9.99
English version: 2lp + cd - £26.99 | Buy

Numbered limited Edition Boxset: 4lp + 2cd - £36.99 | Buy

collector 2cd edition - £7.99 | Buy
Heloise letissier’s follow-up to her already iconic debut gifts us with 11 wonderful tracks of honest to goodness pop music, where each song is measured b...
sucker punch


sucker punch

island records
  • lp + download

    Released: 8th Mar 2019


the prodigious Norwegian pop star’s debut is a bright and crisp salvo of life affirming electro pop that champions the lost art of self-celebration, leaving a broad grin on anyone in earshot.

These 12 epic songs are tales of the unexpected; fearless musical collages and shout-outs to human resilience. the 22-year-old Norwegian sensation is undoubtedly set to continue her ascent with non-conformist and progressive attitudes to the femininity in the pop landscape with ‘Sucker Punch’. Fans of christine & the queens, robyn and Tegan & sara should check this out. “A concise package of recent singles and flawless new material, the debut LP just confirms the obvious: aside from retaining that melting charm, Sigrid is a total gift to pop music” 10/10 – line of best fit.