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These New Puritans

Inside The Rose



Released: 22nd Mar 2019


limited edition red/orange splatter lp

Released: 22nd Mar 2019


Doom laden strings, cavernous, operatic drama and tribal drums – ‘inside the rose’ picks up where ‘field of reeds’ dropped off with an utterly essential dive into a swans-meets-‘king of limbs’ brutal new world.

Just as they did in ‘hidden’ and ‘field of reeds’, they bring martial drums face to face with synth laden atmospherics in a way no other band seems to get close to – it’s relentless, pounding and utterly brilliant in a way you need to hear to fully understand. “’inside the rose finds them setting the controls for the earlier part of talk talk’s career […], before ultimately setting up camp in the middle ground between ‘king of limbs’-era radiohead and mid-80’s tears for fears” mojo.

Inside The Rose


  1. Infinity Vibraphones
  2. Anti–Gravity
  3. Beyond Black Suns
  4. Inside The Rose
  5. Where The Trees Are On Fire
  6. Into The Fire
  7. Lost Angel
  8. A–R–P
  9. Six